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Hot Joomla Templates

  1. Chess

    Chess Joomla template is dedicated to chess clubs and people who are delighted to play chess. It's based on a modern design and powered by our page builder.

  2. Car Wash

    The Car Wash template is a good starting point for making websites for car wash services and other websites related to cars and motorbikes.

  3. Print Shop

    The Print Shop is a responsive Joomla template dedicated to print shops, design studios (both online & offline), pressrooms, and printing offices of all kinds.

  4. Fishing

    Fishing template powered by the Sparky Page Builder is a perfect choice for websites for fishing clubs, fishermen companies, and businesses that sell equipment for fishermen.

  5. Quattro

    The Hot Quattro is a clean and responsive Joomla template for the development of modern websites. This template is different from our other templates. This is the first template based on our Sparky Page Builder. It's a game-changer Hot Joomla template!

  6. Gym

    The Hot Gym is a responsive Joomla template suitable for CrossFit studios, gyms, bodybuilding clubs and websites for similar purposes. It's based on dark colors with 5 appropriate accent colors.

  7. Coworking

    Coworking spaces are popular between freelancers and startup companies. The Hot Coworking business Joomla template is designed for the websites for companies that offer coworking space.

  8. Dark Mode

    Long-term screen viewing can be tiring for our eyes. A strong contrast between the environment color and the color of our screen speeds this process up dramatically. Therefore, some apps use the so-called "dark mode" to display light text on the dark background during the night, and "light mode" to display the dark text on the light background during the day.

  9. Nail Salon

    The Hot Nail Salon is appropriate for the development of websites for nail salons for ladies and for houses of beauty. It's based on a colorful design and contains a nice selection of images appropriate to nail salons.

  10. Veterinarian

    The Hot Veterinarian is a design for veterinarians, veterinary offices and pet clinics. It contains all the pages and features necessary for the development of a responsive website for the pet clinics.

  11. Bakery

    The Hot Bakery is designed for bakeries, restaurants, bars, and similar websites. This responsive design is based on the images of the bakery products inside the parallax containers and carousels.

  12. Tattoo

    Tattoo should be considered as an art that can be performed only by true professionals. The Hot Tattoo is a website design for tattoo masters. On a long home page, it contains all important elements for any tattoo studio.

  13. Psychologist

    Every professional psychologist and psychotherapist need a professionally designed and informative website that's compatible with all popular mobile devices. Using the website, a psychologist can present the services to the prospective patients and also schedule appointments with them.

  14. HVAC

    The Hot HVAC is a design for businesses related to the HVAC industry. HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Since these technologies are tightly related, the companies usually provide all these services.

  15. Paradise

    While we are spending hours in our offices, nothing inspires us more than the upcoming summer holidays. The Paradise is suitable for hotels and other business websites that offer services for tourists.

  16. Marketing Agency

    Following the one-page concept, the home page is long and contain all important information about a marketing agency in one place. However, additional separate web pages can be included as well if needed.

  17. Tennis

    There are many clubs throughout the world where people can practice or play tennis. Those clubs usually earn money for renting the tennis courts and equipment. Like every other business, tennis clubs need websites.

  18. Learning

    The Hot Learning is a clean responsive website design suitable for the development of educational websites. It is a good starting point in the creation process of the websites for both traditional and distance (online) learning programs.

  19. Model

    Model is a responsive portfolio template dedicated to photo models. If you are making a website or blog for a photo model, the Model integrates a photo stream of the model's photography portfolio into a modern and visually appealing website.

  20. Business

    The Hot Business is a responsive Joomla template suitable for any contemporary business and corporate websites for startups and established businesses. All content that you see on our demo, although some parts of it look very complex, can be edited visually with Sparky Page Builder.

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