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As with all our templates, with this template you have the full control of color settings. These options are under the Template Colors tab. They are easy to understand and self-explanatory, so we will not elaborate them here. However, this template has some specific settings related to the jQuery scripts that make "responsive" positioning of the elements on the screen.

Masonry Settings

jQuery Masonry is the script used for the elements re-positioning. The settings related to the animation of re-positioning of the elements are Re-position animation easing (easing type of the animation effect), Re-position animation speed (100-1000ms or select No Animation to disable animation, and Item scaling animation speed.

When you are on the articles pages, you will see the Previous and Next buttons. Click on those buttons will open the previous or the next page using one of those animation effects: fade, pop, flip, turn, flow, slidefade, slide, slideup, slidedown, none. You can enter one or more effects (comma separated) in the Page transitions field. If there are more than one, they will rotate randomly. Enter "none" for no page transition effect.

Grid column width, Box width unit and Box distance are parameters related to the layout and size of the elements (article boxes). Change these parameters if you want to change default template layout. The setting market as "Width when articles will be in single column" determines minimum width in pixels that will force boxes to be positioned in only one column (for mobile devices).

Infinite Scroller

If you have too many articles on site, loading all at once may confuse your visitors and waste a lot of your bandwidth. Therefore, we integrated this template with Infinite Scroll jQuery plugin. As you know, Joomla creates pagination to separate the category blog pages with many articles to the several pages. This plugin replaces the ordinary pagination links (page 1, 2, 3...). If you have a category with 100 articles and set to display 10 articles per page (in Menu Items parameters), the template will load the first set of 10 articles. When visitor scrolls to the bottom, the next set of 10 articles will be loaded, and so on...

To setup pagination for the Articles Category Blog page, you would need to edit the menu item in Menu Manager. Make sure that Pagination is also enabled in Global Articles Parameters (Content > Article Manager > Options > Shared Options).

Use infinite scroller in template parameters should be enabled. Loading of new articles can be with fade effect. This is controlled in "Animation from bottom" parameter. Text that displayed during loading of posts and when there are no more articles can be changed here as well.

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